Garden Court Clinic is a Methadone clinic in Sydney for clients with opioid dependency.

We will provide a tailored dosing plan that is designed to have a minimal impact on your day to day life, and therefore, help avoid a relapse into using again. This is known as opioid substitution treatment and it has the following benefits:


  • or stopped use of opiate-based drugs
  • risk of overdose and of acquiring diseases such as hepatitis B/C or HIV
  • mortality
  • criminal activity


  • employment stability
  • relationships
  • pregnancy outcomes

Why Garden Court?

At Garden Court Clinic we provide the following advantages

  • Close to public transport, both buses and trains
  • Free parking
  • We open at 6:00 am so that you can dose before work
  • Short waiting times
  • In-house dosing and take-aways are available
  • Staff who are multilingual
  • Treating doctors who have more than 15 years of experience each

Our experienced, professional staff are a phone call away, please do not hesitate to reach out and let us help you on the journey to a life where you are in control.